Sunday, November 1, 2015

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My teacher asked every student in the room whether or not they knew a second language. Then they all raised their hands if they had spoken English as their second language and knew another language before going to school. After, I got a chance to sit down with a few and acknowledge all of their language skills and let them know how awesome it was that they knew other languages. 
When I acknowledge the kids speaking other languages, I was creating a safe space for them all to show off their language skills. 
One student was teasing another because he was using a pink iPad and it was a "girl's iPad." I simply asked him "what do you mean by that?" and it was an opportunity to put the idea that pink isn't only a girl's color. 
Both of my teachers make sure to clearly and concisely give directions to all of their students. They understand that they need to make sure that all of their students are able to understand their directions. They also make sure that the students are learning the rules and codes of power.

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